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Jackson Hospital & Clinic Family Medicine Residency Program (JHCFMR) accepts six residents per academic year. We are offer a curriculum designed to prepare residents to deliver high quality patient care in their future practice locations with special consideration given to the unique needs of underserved populations in both urban and rural settings. We offer experiences designed to help prepare family medicine physicians as they support their patients meet the challenges presented by the social, cultural, physiological, economic, and biological factors they may face. We guide family medicine residents as they learn to apply a comprehensive, continuous, and caring treatment approach, acquire health-assessment and preventive-medicine expertise, and enhance their skills in the art of medicine. Our program also focuses on the need to address family dynamics and community interactions in the treatment of patients.


The focus of the curriculum is to allow the graduate the potential to practice the full range of family medicine. This is accomplished through a variety of 13 blocks of 2- to 4-week block rotations. Evaluation and feedback are given on a regular basis through a variety of means.

First Year-PGY1

  • Orientation (1 block)

  • Family Medicine Wards (2 blocks) 

  • Inpatient/Night Float (1 block) 

  • Cardiology (1 block)

  • Surgery (1 block)

  • OB (2 blocks)

  • Radiology (1 block)

  • Rural Health (Pediatric, Sports Industrial, Geriatrics, & Behavioral Health) (1 block)

  • Adult Emergency Room (1 block)

  • Elective (1 Block)


PGY1 has an average of one continuity clinic per week.

Second Year-PGY2

  • Family Medicine Wards (2 blocks)

  • Pulmonary/ ICU (1 block)

  • Urology (1 block)

  • Emergency Room (1 block)

  • Orthopedics (1 block)

  • Infectious Disease (1 block)

  • Inpatient/Night Float (2 blocks)

  • Rural Health (Pediatric, Sports Industrial, Geriatrics, & Behavioral Health) (2 block) 

  • Outpatient Clinic/Community Medicine (1 block)

  • Elective (1 blocks)

PGY2 has an average of two continuity clinics per week.

Third Year-PGY3

  • Family Medicine Wards (2 blocks)

  • Gynecology/ Women’s Health (1 block)

  • Otolaryngology (ENT) (1 block) 

  • Pediatric ER (1 block)

  • Practice Management/Board Review (1 block)

  • Geriatrics (1 block)

  • Outpatient Clinic/Community Medicine (1 block)

  • Inpatient/Night Float (2 blocks)

  • Sports Medicine (1 block)

  • Elective (2 blocks)


PGY3 has an average of at least three continuity clinics per week.


Core curriculum conferences are presented throughout the week. These include a variety of lectures, discussion, and workshop formats. Residents are involved in presenting during journal club, case presentations, and senior conferences.


Procedure Training

Procedure workshops are held throughout the residency. These include workshops on colposcopy, joint injections, splinting and casting, IUD and Nexplanon training, endometrial biopsy, toenail removal and any other training needed. Additional training in ultrasound is offered electively.



Our program is committed to providing a reasonable workload for all residents – one that allows time with family and for outside hobbies. All schedules abide by the ACGME duty hours.


Community Involvement

Many opportunities are provided through the announcement from Jackson Hospital & Clinic Marketing Department.

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